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Betty Spencer

Department of Arts and Culture

Director: Risk Management

“We started using Barnowl four years ago…a journey worth taking”


Highlights include:

  • Optimising Barnowl to an extent that we have executed our surveys online and generate reports from there. This includes an updated Risk Library, which we are using during our Risk Assessment.
  • Our Risk Champions, management and Executive Management who react to the system find it easy to use.
  • Having access to the Technical Support team, whose turn-around time is rapid
  • Benefiting from the pleasant attitudes of our technical trainers, who by arrangement do “in-house” training and try and understand our environment
  • You can only get the best from the system through proper planning and understanding what your organisation requires.


  • We had no system whatsoever in place
  • We had to find a way of consolidating a risk profile in a short period of time
  • We needed to conduct quarterly reviews and give relevant data linked to a time period
  • Limited budget and set high standards, and the support from management


  • We bought the Risk Management Module, and have benefited from v7.01 by getting the Compliance Module
  • We also have acquired an offline license
  • In my previous employment in the private sector, I had the privilege to be part of a team where Mr Jonathan Crisp did a presentation. When I joined the Public Sector after discussions with National Treasury, with the result that BarnOwl was implemented.


  • We now have automated Risk Incident alerts to line function on a global level (Printing Solutions are managed through the system, as well IT system breaches, OSH incidents; Third Party Claims)
  • We log asset management losses, by value, and have set custom fields to trigger management alerts and further action.
  • Follow up on the National Fraud Hotline( all logged Fraud and Corruption Allegation), including the Presidential Hotline now has a database.
  • Our Procurement will in the financial year(2014-15) be monitored through the system, where we will align approved procurement expenditure against progress.
  • We have a live Gift Disclosure Register informed by Policy, which we will use for year-end reporting as well. There are plans in the pipeline to rollout the Compliance Module, after discussions with line management and development of a Standard Operating Procedure.


Other Clients:

Mercantile Bank

JD Group



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