Mercantile Bank

Ingrid Ravenscroft

Head: Internal Audit

Mercantile Bank Limited

“You cannot help but feel like you have real friends in the BarnOwl team”


You cannot help but feel like you have real friends in the BarnOwl team – from chats with Jonathan and Warrick at industry/professional forums, to being asked to join Marlene to bead for Kids in Need (a CSR initiative), to always getting really great service from Christo and the team at the Helpdesk, and many others – every interaction with someone at BarnOwl is pleasant.  Everyone is absolutely passionate about providing an exceptional product and really good service – and they do.


The Internal Audit Unit at Mercantile Bank had been working on Microsoft Office Word and Excel and compiling huge physical audit files.  In addition, it was a constant struggle to track the status of audit findings.  We needed a solution that would enable us to apply our methodology consistently, conduct our audits more effectively, and help us track audit findings proactively.


We were looking for a tool that would enable the Internal Audit Unit to integrate more effectively with the Bank’s Risk Management function; that would enforce consistent application of our methodology that would help us run our audits more efficiently, and that would help us track the status of audit findings.  We chose BarnOwl (ERM and Internal Audit Modules) because we believed that it was the best fit for our requirements and it was cost-efficient for our small Internal Audit Unit to maintain into the future.


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