BarnOwl Training Courses Curriculum

Below please find the BarnOwl training course outlines. If you would like to book a training session, please click on this link.

ERM, COSO and ISO3100 training (1 day)

  1. Introduction to Governance, ERM and Compliance.
  2. Explanation of COSO (Committee of Sponsoring Organisations).
  3. Explanation of ISO31000 (Risk Management standards by the International Organization for Standardization).
  4. Broaden your risk assessment perspective to cover all internal and external business risks.
  5. Benchmark or reinvent your risk management tools and practices.
  6. Understand the ERM frameworks.
  7. Gain an understanding of current issues, challenges and emerging practices regarding risk management, control and governance processes.
  8. Practical approach to implementing ERM in your organisation.
  9. Perform case studies.

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 BarnOwl Workshops Training (1/2 day):

  1. Creating a Workshop Template
  2. Creating a New Workshop from an Existing Workshop
  3. Applying a Workshop
  4. Starting a Workshop
  5. Conducting a Workshop using Devices
  6. Closing and Updating the Workshop to the BarnOwl Registers




  1. Creating a Voting Template
  2. Creating a New Template using an Existing Template
  3. Applying a Voting Template to a Unit
  4. Activating a Vote and Assigning Users to take part in the Vote
  5. Voting Using the BarnOwl Lite Web Interface
  6. View and Track Voting Results
  7. Updating BarnOwl with the Results of the Vote


  1. Creating a Survey Template
    a. Standard vs Weighted Mode
    b. Creating Categories, Sub-Categories and Questions
  2. Applying Survey Templates
  3. Activating the Survey and Assigning Users
  4. Voting Using the BarnOwl Lite Web Interface
  5. View and Track Survey Results

BarnOwl Risk Management Training (1 day)

  1. Risk Management fundamentals
  2. Architecture of a Risk the BarnOwl way
  3. ERM module training:
    1. Preferences setup (incl. spell-checker)
    2. Capture Risks and related information (Objectives, CF’s, Controls, Loss Events, actions, etc.)
    3. Using Risk and Control knowledgebase
    4. Perform control assessments (Adequacy vs. Effectiveness)
    5. Extracting information
    6. Standard register views (Action plans, Risk, Objectives, Controls, Global views, etc)
    7. Creating favourite views together with exporting
    8. Standard reports
  4. Overview of creating BU’s
  5. Process repository
    1. Creating processes
    2. Creating process objectives and risks
    3. Applying and synching processes
  6. Templates repository
    1. Creating templates
    2. Using templates
    3. Content of templates
  7. Overview of Web interface
    1. Voting/surveys
    2. Action plan management
    3. Lite
  8. Practical test

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BarnOwl Risk Management Advanced Training (1/2 day)

  1. Practical Test
  2. Architecture of a Risk the BarnOwl way
  3. ERM module training:
    1. Creating BU’s
      1. Weighting principles
      2. Unit exposure and risk appetite (quantitative)
      3. Structure creation to support reporting
    2. Creating risks
      1. Import template
      2. Linking of risks
      3. Apply function
    3. Creating KRI’s
      1. KRI library
    4. Re-assessment functionality
    5. Process Repository
      1. Creating Processes
      2. Creating Process Objectives & Risks
      3. Applying processes
    6. Extracting information, filters, sorting and scorecards
    7. Standard register views (Action plans, Risk, Objectives, Controls, Global views, etc)
    8. Action plan extension requests and management thereof
    9. Creating favourite views together with exporting
    10. Standard reports
      1. Report generation
      2. Dashboard report and sharing
      3. Global views
      4. Reporting structures
      5. History and Trend charts
      6. Surveys and voting

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BarnOwl Audit training (1 day)

    1. Audit Admin Setup
      1. Risk & Control Library setup
      2. PFO (project file organiser) configuration for different types of projects
      3. Audit resources
    2. Audit Planning
      1. Creating audit projects against Organisational unit / processes
      2. Assigning audit resources and basic timesheet functionality
      3. Selecting risks and controls to audit in the project
    3. Audit Execution
      1. Assigning work (check-out)
      2. Capturing newly identified risks / controls
      3. Rating Control adequacy
      4. Rating Control effectiveness
      5. Capturing audit procedures
      6. Capturing results
      7. Completing findings
      8. Attaching audit evidence
      9. Communicating findings for management comments
      10. Importing completed management comments
      11. Capturing live Action Plans
    4. Reviewing
      1. Preparer / Reviewer / Sign off
      2. Raising and assigning review notes
      3. Clearing review notes
    5. Reporting
    6. Audit Alignment back to Risk Management
    7. Monitoring Action Plans
    8. Basics of offline synchronisation

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BarnOwl Administration Training (1/2 day)

  1. BarnOwl Setup
    1. General Setup
      1. How to guide on all elements in standard setup
      2. Difference between Matrix Model & Rainbow
      3. Data periods. Setup and default
    2. Risk Management Setup
      1. Category Setup. Explaining the difference and benefits of categories. Setup on each category level
      2. Parameters. Setup of each parameter. Show the difference if changes are made. Explaining the danger of changed methods.
    3. Security
      1. Creating the new users and groups
      2. Assigning the correct access for groups and users
    4. Utilities
      1. Open/close voting templates
      2. Moving of categories
      3. Undelete function
      4. Email notifications
    5. Custom fields
      1. Show where custom field show.
      2. Explaining when custom fields are used.
      3. Practical example of custom fields.

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BarnOwl Lite training(1/2 day)

  1. Introduction to BarnOwl Lite – Explanation of what BarnOwl Lite is
  2. Login methods – NT Authentication vs. Basic Authentication
  3. Voting Tile
    1. Creating a voting template
    2. Assigning users
    3. Accessing the voting template/survey on BarnOwl Lite
    4. Explanation of how to save information, view instructions and submitting the voting template
  4. BarnOwl Lite Tile
    1. Objective Register/Risk Register/Risk Incident Register
    2. Explain that a unit needs to be selected first for information to display
    3. Explain how to view the detail and go through the different tabs
    4. Explain how to capture linked items and how to view them
    5. Explain the different column headings
    6. Explain how to group register by a specific column or how to group in ascending to descending order
  5. Web Action Plan Tile
    1. Explanation of the different ways to access web action plans
    2. Explanation of the different buttons/tabs on the Action Plan register
    3. Explanation of the different ways to view the action plans
    4. Explanation of ‘Due date Extension’ on action plans
  6. Moderation Mode
  7. Practical exercises
  8. Glossary of useful terms to remember

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BarnOwl Compliance Management training(1/2 day)

  1. Introduction of the BarnOwl system
  2. Compliance Risk Management Process
    1. Compliance Risk Identification
    2. Compliance Risk Assessment
    3. Compliance Risk Management
    4. Compliance Risk Monitoring
  3. Working in the Regulatory Universe
  4. Compliance Risk Identification
    1. Importing Regulatory Content into BarnOwl
    2. Capturing Compliance Content Manually
    3. Editing an Existing Regulatory Requirement
    4. Updating an Existing Regulatory Requirement Via Import
  5. Compliance Risk Assessment
    1. Rating a Regulatory Risk
    2. Viewing the Regulatory Rating Rainbow
    3. Applying Regulatory Requirements to Business Units
    4. Setting Compliance Risk Ratings at Applied Units
  6. Compliance Risk Management
    1. Capturing a Compliance Control
    2. Setting Compliance Risk Ratings per Provision
  7. Compliance Risk Monitoring
    1. Conducting a Control Effectiveness Voting Template
    2. Updating Control Effectiveness Values from BarnOwl Lite
    3. Creating, assigning and monitoring Action Plans
    4. Creating Compliance Surveys
    5. Completing a Survey using the BarnOwl Lite Web interface
  8. Compliance Reporting
    1. Exporting a Register
    2. Generating the Compliance Dashboard Report

BarnOwl Incident Management training(1/2 day)

  1. Working with Risk Incidents
    1. Viewing a Risk Incident Register
    2. Capturing a New Risk Incident
    3. Capturing an Action Plan
    4. Capturing a Forensic Audit Project
  2. Working with BarnOwl Reports
    1. Generating a BarnOwl Risk Incident Report
    2. Register Views
      1. Filtering a Register View
      2. Exporting a Register View as an Excel Report
      3. Audit Trails
  3. Working on Registers and Action Plans in BarnOwl Lite
    1. Logging in to BarnOwl Lite
    2. Viewing and updating an Action Plan
    3. Working with Risk Registers
  4. Configuring BarnOwl Risk Incidents
    1. General Configuration
    2. Risk Management Configuration
      1. Adding a New Risk Incident Type
      2. Setting the Number of Risk Incident Statuses
      3. Adding Incident Categories
      4. Capturing Risk Incident Sub-categories
      5. Specifying User Defined Fields

BarnOwl Open License Training (1/2 day)

  1. Voting
    1. Voting Using the BarnOwl Lite Web Interface.
    2. View and Track Voting Results
  2. Action Plans
    1. Viewing and Updating Action Plans
    2. Requesting an Extension on an Action Plan
      1. Requesting an Extension
      2. Notification Email regarding Extension Request

BarnOwl Dashboard Reports (1/2 day)

BarnOwl has a Dashboard report which enables you to see a full report on all the different aspects of
your business. This report is a flat Excel-style report, with risk management objects colour-coded for
quick identification.

You can select which fields from which items to include in the report. You can also design your own
sorting and filtering. You can generate a report for your entire organization, or you can select a
specific unit to view. You can include the following items in your report:

  1. Units (mandatory)
  2. Processes
  3. Objectives
  4. Risks
  5. Contributing Factors
  6. Action Plans
  7. Action Plan Extensions
  8. Risk Incidents

This course will take you step by step through the process of designing the Dashboard report to suit
your organisation’s needs.

You will learn about:

  1. Setting up the Dashboard report
  2. Selecting items to include
  3. Specifying filter and sort options
  4. Saving the report layout for future use
  5. Generating and viewing the report

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BarnOwl Custom Fields Training

BarnOwl’s unique custom field functionality enables you to include unique, organisation-specific information to the
BarnOwl standard forms. For each risk object, you can create text boxes, drop-down lists, check boxes, date picker
controls and other fields to enhance your risk profile and personalise your organisation’s risk methodology.

You will learn how to:

  1. Create custom fields using BarnOwl’s 16 different field types
  2. Specify an automatic action plan each time an action plan condition is met
  3. Specify automatic email generation when a condition is met
  4. Create conditional visibility for fields
  5. Create category-specific custom fields for risks, risk incidents, key indicators and contributing factors
  6. Incorporate custom fields into reports

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