Pieter Booyens

WBHO Construction (Pty) Ltd

Group Internal Audit Manager

“The key highlight for me was the dedication and willingness”


The key highlight for me was the dedication and willingness with which the staff of BarnOwl has assisted us to implement the software and to adapt it to our specific needs and systems.


We had to find a solution that would not only cater for the needs of Internal Audit, but also address Risk Management, Quality Management, Health & Safety and Environmental Management in one. A solution that would provide an overall picture of risk and compliance without duplication of efforts.


We are using the Risk Management and Internal Audit modules. The interface between Risk Management and the Internal Audit modules makes BarnOwl the perfect solution for our needs.  A further benefit was the user-friendliness of the software.


Since the implementation of BarnOwl the standard of recording of audit work papers, audit procedures and audit findings has shown significant improvement. BarnOwl has assisted us in adopting a more uniform and consistent way for recording, keeping records and information.  It has also improved the daily management and recording of all audit activities.


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