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BarnOwl presents to the audit honours class of 2015 at the University of Pretoria (Tukkies),

May 6, 2015

BarnOwl was privileged to be invited  to present to the audit honours class of 2015 at the University of Pretoria (Tukkies), to demonstrate a practical example of how the BarnOwl software supports risk and control based auditing and the integration with Risk Management in line with best business practice and the curriculum being taught at Tukkies:

Risk and Control based audit curriculum:

Understanding the nature of risk; Policies, legislation and other regulations applicable to risk management; Risk management process (Enterprise Risk Management – ERM); Control-self assessment; Internal audit activity risk-based plans; Risk-based auditing; Software for managing risk such as BarnOwl; Quantitative risk management; and The audit of non-typical risks. After successfully completing this module, learners should be able to understand risk management (RM) and risk-based auditing; identify the various role-players in the RM process and their responsibilities and perform a risk-based audit engagement.

We were encouraged to see the level of engagement from the learners and to see that the BarnOwl methodology supports directly what is being taught at leading institutions such as the University of Pretoria. Thank you Tukkies and Naomi Wilkinson (Senior Lecturer: Internal Auditing) for giving BarnOwl the opportunity to present to your audit honours class of 2015.

Introduction – UP Internal Audit


IMG_0703                                                        IMG_0422

Mrs Nkosi (SekelaXabiso) and Mrs Wilkinson (UP)                                          Case Study Week: Students in action presenting in groups on various topics

with a group of honour students in internal auditing.



May 6, 2015

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