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BarnOwl is one of the few software solutions on the market that provides a single, fully integrated governance, risk management, compliance and audit solution. Since 2001, BarnOwl has been implemented and used by over 200 blue chip companies and public sector departments both nationally and internationally.

BarnOwl is the preferred risk management solution for the South African public sector endorsed by the OAG (Office of the Accounting General).

Being a locally developed, owned and supported software solution, BarnOwl guarantees superior product support as well as on-going product development to meet local requirements.


BarnOwl facilitates the ERM process and gives management and staff at every level the ability to identify, assess, manage, monitor and report on risks, determine priorities and assess the adequacy and effectiveness of controls as well as the ability to mitigate downside risks or realise upside risk opportunities.

BarnOwl was designed by local and international risk management, internal control and internal audit specialists who ensure that best practice methodologies and frameworks are, and continue to be, supported by the solution. Based on universally accepted best-practice methodology, BarnOwl enables organisations to adopt and be compliant with frameworks such as COSO, CoCo, ISO 31000, King Codes III, AS/NZS 4360, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Turnbull  and internal audit standards such as the IIA and IPPF standards. BarnOwl supports the National Treasury Risk Management Framework and has been customised for the public sector environment under the guidance and direction of the OAG.

The BarnOwl Risk Management module facilitates:


The BarnOwl compliance module enables you to manage your regulatory universe by rating and monitoring compliance to the acts, regulations and provisions at every level of your organisation, where applicable.

Compliance legislation from third party content providers is fully integrated with the BarnOwl compliance module, giving you access to all the legislation (acts, regulations and provisions) as well as updates to the legislation. The BarnOwl compliance module supports best practice frameworks as set out in the Compliance Institutes handbook.

BarnOwl facilitates compliance through the automatic generation of compliance risk management plans (CRMPs) and compliance checklists which can be maintained and completed online by the relevant compliance officer(s) and business owners (i.e. continuous compliance self-assessments). BarnOwl will enable the group compliance function to conduct independent compliance audits, compliance monitoring, as well as reporting both to Exco and the Board. Online action plans are sent out automatically by the system to the relevant owners responsible for addressing non-compliance ensuring effective compliance monitoring and remedial action.

The BarnOwl Compliance module allows you to:


BarnOwl supports the full internal audit life cycle (planning, execution, reporting, monitoring, follow-up audits) in line with best practice standards such as the IPPF (International professional Practice Framework) and facilitates the tracking of audit findings. BarnOwl supports true risk and control based auditing ensuring that risks that matter to the organisation are audited and that the results are updated back into risk management.

The BarnOwl audit module provides:


BarnOwl provides extensive reporting capabilities, generating flexible, system-wide reporting across your risk management, compliance and audit universe.

BarnOwl’s standard reporting functionality provides:

Findings Cause AnalysisFindings Cause Analysis Follow-up Audit Rating ImprovementFollow-up Audit Rating Improvement Significant Findings by RegionSignificant Findings by Region


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