BarnOwl Audit supports an integrated risk and control based audit approach so that the risks that matter to an organisation are audited and updated back into risk management, where the ultimate responsibility for managing the risk lies. In addition, BarnOwl is flexible and can be configured for any standard audit methodology/s such as forensic auditing, ad hoc auditing, quality assurance auditing etc.  BarnOwl facilitates the full audit cycle from planning, field work, execution, reporting to audit finalisation.


Fully integrated governance, risk, compliance and audit software solution


BarnOwl provides an end-to-end solution in support of the Combined Assurance Model.

BarnOwl provides a centralised repository of all audit information embedding standards and providing documented evidence of methodology and results.

Embeds and facilitates the IPPF (International Professional Practice Framework) standards and supports QARs (Quality Assurance Reviews).

Flexible project file organiser with user defined fields, automated findings and report writing integrating to Microsoft Word.

Allows you to work the way you want to work and to configure BarnOwl to suit your methodology/s.

Centralised library of audit working programmes (template documents, audit steps, processes, risks, controls, tests) that can be published to the various business units facilitating a standardised auditing methodology across your organisation.

Simplify and standardise your audit process across your organisation.

Facilitates audit planning across sites and processes by resource and includes full timesheet tracking.

Assists you with audit planning, identifying the areas of your business (processes, risks) to be audited, resource management (planned and actual hours) and productivity.

Combines “electronic filing cabinet” functionality with database-driven working papers supporting general audit techniques as well as risk and control based auditing.

BarnOwl significantly speeds up audit execution and enhances the quality of information by automating audit tests and generating standard audit findings.

Data can be analysed in detail (tests and samples) since it is stored at a granular level in the database as opposed to Excel attachments.

BarnOwl facilitates review and sign off of audit work including email notification.

A simple preparer, reviewer and sign off process speeds up the review process.

BarnOwl Reporting allows you to generate highly configurable reports in Microsoft Word such as final audit reports, consolidated audit reporting / audit committee reporting.

Many standard reports such as project analysis, timesheet analysis, finding analysis, scorecards and various data extracts can be generated at the click of a button.

Highly intuitive audit and management reporting at the click of a button in Word format and / or as data extracts into Excel. Aggregated and detailed reporting at your fingertips.

Advanced offline / online database synchronisation where audit items can be ‘checked out’ to your PC / laptop and ‘checked in’ back to the central repository or to another user’s PC / laptop  who is also offline.

Being able to swap work between ‘preparers’ and ‘reviewers’ whilst working offline is critical functionality when working at remote sites with limited network connectivity.

Auditors can prepare and review their work offline and synchronise to the central repository via email (by sending a BarnOwl Transaction File) when required.

When working offline the central repository can be updated even if online connectivity cannot be established.

Audit Finalisation aligns audit’s risk and control ratings to management’s ratings.

Risks that matter to the organisation are audited and updated back into risk management (once accepted by management).

BarnOwl provides an automated mechanism (with audit trails) for the auditee to submit management comments on their findings.

During the close-out stage of a project, BarnOwl creates ‘living’ action plans which are allocated to the responsible individual (auditee) with due date, email notifications, reminders and escalation. These action plans are updated online by the responsible individual and monitored on an on-going basis.

Automates action plans in response to findings and drives management accountability.

BarnOwl provides follow-up audit functionality based on previous audit findings.
Month By MonthMonth By Month Significant Findings by RegionSignificant Findings by Region


Findings Cause AnalysisFindings Cause Analysis

Follow-up Audit Rating ImprovementFollow-up Audit Rating Improvement





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BarnOwl Solutions



BarnOwl Risk Management software helps you achieve your strategic objectives and enables a culture of risk planning and control with accountability and ownership throughout your organisation. Continual monitoring of your risk universe gives you comfort and confidence in managing your business.



BarnOwl Compliance software allows you to import the various acts, legislation, policies and procedures that you are required to comply with, link these to associated risks and monitor compliance. This facilitates regulatory compliance and director protection.



BarnOwl Audit software supports any type of audit methodology including risk and control based auditing in support of best practice standards, ensuring that the key risks in your organisation are audited. BarnOwl facilitates all phases of auditing from planning through to reporting with advanced online and offline execution.

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