BarnOwl’s new improved business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing module features interactive, user-friendly graphical dashboards for all modules (risk, audit, compliance, incidents, KRIs, action plans, surveys) utilising Microsoft’s Power BI.


Slice and dice and report on data in almost any permutation possible


Turn your data into meaningful management information

Highly graphical with full drill down capability

Makes information easy to view from a helicopter view with further on-demand drill down into the detail

Inter-related dashboard capability

Gives you insight into the effects of inter-related data enabling you to make informed decisions.

Trend monitoring and ‘what if’ analysis

Provides an early-warning system and assists with scenario planning.

Dynamic drill-down reporting rather than static reports.

Enables management to analyse their information giving them far more insight into their business.

Findings Cause AnalysisFindings Cause Analysis Follow-up Audit Rating ImprovementFollow-up Audit Rating Improvement Significant Findings by RegionSignificant Findings by RegionFindings Cause AnalysisKPI DashboardFollow-up Audit Rating ImprovementPerformance DashboardSignificant Findings by RegionMonth by month KPI dashboardSignificant Findings by RegionObjective Monitoring Dashboard


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BarnOwl Solutions



BarnOwl Risk Management software helps you achieve your strategic objectives and enables a culture of risk planning and control with accountability and ownership throughout your organisation. Continual monitoring of your risk universe gives you comfort and confidence in managing your business.



BarnOwl Compliance software allows you to import the various acts, legislation, policies and procedures that you are required to comply with, link these to associated risks and monitor compliance. This facilitates regulatory compliance and director protection.



BarnOwl Audit software supports any type of audit methodology including risk and control based auditing in support of best practice standards, ensuring that the key risks in your organisation are audited. BarnOwl facilitates all phases of auditing from planning through to reporting with advanced online and offline execution.

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