Client Specific Spotlight Sessions / Webinars

Due to the overwhelming response that we have received, we are excited to announce the introduction of our Client Specific Spotlight Sessions / Webinars. The aim of client-specific spotlight sessions is for you to engage with us regarding any areas where you require additional training and / or require assistance with any challenges when using the system. We will discuss and demonstrate in a live manner how best to use the system relevant to your requirements.

Our Client Specific Spotlight Sessions / Webinars can be booked at your own convenience based on availability and will allow you to select a topic from a broad range of topics including the option to request your own topic/s. Since the spotlight session will be demonstrated by us you will not require hands-on access to the system and therefore you are able to invite an unlimited number of delegates from your organisation to attend each session. The duration of each session will be approximately 2.5 hours including time for questions and answers. In addition, the session will be recorded and be made available to you and your team in video format for you to re-watch and share with your colleagues as and when required.

Please note the following:

The Client Specific Spotlight Sessions / Webinars can include but are not limited to:

We are very excited to add this new offering to our BarnOwl training curriculum and look forward to working together with you in this regard.

Please feel free to Click Here to select your topics and book your session or email me at to request additional information.

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